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 W123bluedrpnls.jpg (212288 bytes)  lfrtW123drpnl.jpg (374417 bytes) rtfrtW123drpnl.jpg (399957 bytes) lrW123drpnl.jpg (384954 bytes)  rtrearW123dpnl.jpg (404089 bytes)  Blue door panels for Mercedes-Benz W123. Removed from an '85 300D, but should fit any '77-'85 W123 (with power windows). These are as nice as you're going to find! There's no damage, no sun fade or stains, the plastic door pockets are as-new. The armrest/door pulls are equally nice with no cracks or visible wear. Rear panels include (working) power window switches and ashtrays. There's no broken clips, unauthorized screw holes, and all hardware, chrome bezels, etc. is included and really nice. If you're looking for a set in this color, the only thing nicer is going to be new and hideously expensive.  $150/set or $75 each

Coming soon...

Several interiors to inventory and list.  W123 wagon (Palomino Tex) and several sedans, both Tex and leather.

Until I get the time to list and picture, please inquire with needs.  Thanks!



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