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SHIPPING SEATS:  Best, safest way is carefully crated ($75 for pr. fronts or complete set) and shipped common carrier/truck.  An alternative is disassemble fronts, box, and UPS in separate cartons.  I will NOT be responsible for shipping damage if this method is used.  Rear seats can go UPS in separate cartons at "oversize" rate, same damage disclaimer applies.

Two moreW201 interiors that will be removed and listed when I get time:

W20190pchmntlf.jpg (239859 bytes)  W20190pchmntlr.jpg (218967 bytes)  W20190pchmntrf.jpg (198632 bytes)  W20190pchmntrtr.jpg (200617 bytes) Really nice Parchment tex (left & right power seats) interior from a '90 W201/190E 2.6.  CAUTION:  Picture are HUGE files, but you can see detail.

85190elfint.jpg (96314 bytes)



 Maroon MB-Tex interior from an '86 190E

w201visorsblack.jpg (73099 bytes)  Black sunvisors for Mercedes-Benz W201, driver's side is very good condition, pass side has some heat/sun damage to top/vanity mirror side, but is certainly usable/decent.

w201visorsburg.jpg (89168 bytes)  Burgundy/maroon sunvisors for Mercedes-Benz W201, with mounting hardware and plastic clip/latch for inner ends. No sun or cosmetic damage, extremely nice, vanity mirrors and lights are as-new.



 W201parchmentdrpnls.jpg (96934 bytes) '90 W201 Parchment door panels.  Sold as a set ONLY.  No sun damage whatsoever on the tops, no fading, door pulls and pockets are A-1.  The only blemish is a dime-sized worn spot under the door pull on the right rear.  Color differences are due to lighting.  Bare/no switches or interior door handles.  $200/set


W201parchoverhead.jpg (61440 bytes)  '90 W201 Parchment Overhead console.  No fade, no gouges, no sun-induced delamination or separation of upholstery from panel.  Bare/no switches, lights, or visors.  $50

W201parchsailpnl.jpg (40135 bytes)  Left & right "sail panel" trim from same vehicle.  Perfect.  $40


w201palocarpets.jpg (66913 bytes)  carpetlf.jpg (62035 bytes)  carpetrf.jpg (65279 bytes)  carpetrear.jpg (65405 bytes) '87 W201 Palomino Carpets were carefully and correctly removed, (and the ENTIRE set is included) no tears, gashes, noticeable wear, and aren't even dirty.  All foam padding/insulation is intact, and still attached to the carpets as it's supposed to be.  The "one piece" molded rear set will fit in an older W201 with multiple-piece rear carpets. $100/set  (UPS-able)



w201palocnsle3.jpg (67852 bytes)  Lower console is nice, no cracks, rear ashtray is unused, and carpet for indented area is intact.  Note the small wound in the indent (pass. side), and the stain in the carpet.  It's still much nicer than most I get.  Plastic sleeves and button for emergency brake handle is not pictured, but is included.  $30




w201paloOHcnsle1.jpg (71083 bytes)  Palomino overhead console, windshield pillar trim.  Notice that all hardware, wiring, screws, clips, and the aluminum molding at the sunroof opening are attached/included.  This was removed from a W201 without the "pop-up" style sunroof, so there is no provision for the domelight/sunroof switch/indicator lights found in later cars.  $50  

w201paloOHcnsle2.jpg (85357 bytes)


90w201ctrdshlwr.jpg (60296 bytes)  Center dash console, no "aftermarket stereo butchery",  for a '90 W201, bare; no wood, ashtray/lighter assembly, or hardware.  $50



Miscellaneous other items available include the following:

Rear seatbelts & retractors.  Clean, nice cosmetics.  Full set, $50
Fabric "windlaces" for door openings, no tears/stains.  Set of 4, $30
Lots of dash pieces, hardware, etc.  

All parts are labeled for location (where necessary) and hardware (screws, bolts, clips, etc.) is included. No electrical parts (switches, wiring, etc.) are included with any of the above assemblies/packages unless noted. 


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