That sled lent a whole new meaning to the phrase "coming out hard"

Too bad I was never really sure what direction it was gonna go.

Hastings, MI, October '96


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Each one of the these is an old racing pic I found....and forgot still existed.  Enjoy!

Here's some really special ones.

  Glad I found 'em.....  RIP, Big Dan.  10/19/57-3/12/02   

You're sorely missed around here....and thought of.

Doin' one of his favorite things.  Cheatin' up a Rotax.

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See below....proof positive I'm getting stupid (er) and growing old, not up.


I have absolutely no idea what I was so interested in under the dash when this was taken.

Maybe it's my first "senior moment"......


PIC00007sma.JPG (142569 bytes)

Hired gun at a nostalgia show.

this dragster belongs to a friend....two (count 'em, two) 500 cid Cadillacs.....

PIC00012a.JPG (229661 bytes)

Getting towed to the line.  I really needed a phone book or booster chair to set on....

The only thing I could see forward was lots of motors.

Mid-Michigan Motorplex.

Read it.

It's the reason for my success racing snowmobiles.  Period.   100%.


red tut.JPG (82380 bytes)


"Mr. Twister" reading the computer.

Red has forgot more about making snowmobiles go fast that the rest of us will ever know.

Thanks, Red!

tut97a.JPG (86619 bytes)

I'll never have another racing toy that will come as close to paying it's own way as this one did.......

but damn, it was cold!

Houghton Lake, MI,  Tip-up-Town '97


The mighty 4 banger.  Too bad the engine shop (whose name's on the engine top) hosed me.


By the time I re-did it "right", I was so discouraged....and broke.... I sold it.  Disassembled, and never ran.  

Might have been a real monster.  Dyno ##'s were scary.  If I live to be a hundred, I'll never for get the unGodly sound it made at 10,200 rpm.  Made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

For about the millionth time in my life, I (re)learned the lesson..."If you want it done right, you'd better do it yourself."




a friend that makes me look sane.....

E.J. Potter

They don't call him the "Michigan Madman" for nothing.

SSreunion pit1.JPG (110512 bytes)

EJ being interviewed....I'm actin' busy with a shop rag

Super Stock Reunion, Virginia Motorplex, July '99.

An absolutely GREAT pic I took there

Some more EJ pics and drivel

Even more

Even more yet


Way cool ’31 coupe.

Pics taken 8/11/09 at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


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