Used Tracker/Sidekick/Samurai Parts


I'll try to list and picture stuff as time allows....until then, please call or email for prices and availability.  If you're not coming to pick up, be sure to include an address for shipping estimates.


I'm happy to email pics of anything you're interested in.


I've cannibalized several two and four door Tracker/Sidekick vehicles, and I've got a complete '87 Samurai here that is slowly disappearing.partsammy1.jpg (66235 bytes)  partsammy2.jpg (53532 bytes)  Tub is so-so.  It's for sale ONLY if YOU come and look at it.  Usable, I 'spose, but needs work.  Floor has some rust, and rear corner's have some pre-existing "mud".   Complete (good) drivetrain, nice doors, new tires on stock rims.  Parts only.  Indiana (salvage) title. Some interior stuff.  Nice dash, but no tach.  Still has the (hard to find) radio pod/box.  Front bumper's decent, rear is nice, tailgate's got a (repairable) dent, but no rust.  (Mint) hood and fenders are gone.

Pic00012.jpg (269508 bytes)  Bunch-o-doors.

Pic00013.jpg (285924 bytes)  Tons-o-other stuff


Also have another complete (carb.) motor for parts, and most Sammy drivetrain stuff.

Rust-free (AZ) pair of Sammy front fenders, but both are beat up in the front corners.  Certainly easily repairable.....and nicer than you'll find here in the rust belt.  Take a look  left  right  Right $50, left $75 FOB Crystal MI.

Rust-free Tracker/Sidekick Sheetmetal:

LF door.  Fits 2 and 4 door.'s got a crease in it.  Easily repairable.  With glass/hardware.

RF door.  Fits 2 and 4 door.  Nice.  Sand, paint, and hang it.  With glass/hardware

RR door.  4 door.  Nice.  with glass/hardware.

Rear hatch, 4 door.  Nice.  Glass, hardware, spare tire bracket, everything.  Fits Tracker too....but glass says "Suzuki".

Rear tailgate, two door.  Really nice.  Suzuki badges/emblems.  If it's supposed to be teal green you can just bolt it on.  New enough that spare tire is in center.  '94,  if I *remember correctly*. 

LF fender.  Nice.

Other Misc. Parts:

Several grilles for Suzuki, Geo, and Sammy.

Numerous taillights, composite headlamp assemblies, lots of 2 & 4 door interior parts, panels, plastic, etc.

Several front filler panels (between grille and hood) Tracker/Kick. 

Front plastic bumper cover w/styrofoam impact pad.  Should fit Kick and Tracker.

"Section" cuts from parts vehicles available.  Call.