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Here's absolutely ALL I know about this car....

Clean Indiana title, setting outdoors (on pavement at a Chicago-are MB dealership) since 1996.  109,000 actual miles (low for the age), 2.5 gas four cylinder, automatic trans, sunroof, most other options.  NOT RUNNING.  Engine turns over and has compression, and timing chain appears to be intact (as viewed through the oil filler), exhaust manifold is cracked, and ALL accessory and engine relays (located behind battery) and ignition/FI control unit are missing.85190eeeng.jpg (117913 bytes)  85190eengrr.jpg (93200 bytes)  85190eengl.jpg (115951 bytes)  85190eengr.jpg (128488 bytes)

Body is virtually rust-free.....one SMALL blister near rt. rear jack point. 85190rtrocker.jpg (67033 bytes) 85190efr.jpg (97630 bytes)  85190elr.jpg (99432 bytes)  85190ertr.jpg (88591 bytes)Paint is faded, chrome is nice.  Small ding in rf fender, another in rt. edge of trunk lid.  Undercarriage and exhaust is SOLID.  Decent tires, nice alloy wheels, no books/records/tools/first aid kit.  Left front parking light lens is cracked. 

Decent interior....dash is unbutchered (one crack), original radio, dusty & dirty....needs some edges on pillar trim reglued from sun drying them out, some wear on driver's seat back outer bolster, but generally presentable.  Wood is good.

85190elfint.jpg (96314 bytes)  85190elrint.jpg (85989 bytes)  85190erfint.jpg (87672 bytes)

I know NO history, why it was parked, what (if anything) is wrong with the engine, etc., and have NO way to check it out without the electrical misc. that's been removed.  If you've read this page and looked at the pics you know all I do about it.  I bought it "as-is/where-is" and that's how I'll sell it.

Could make a nice cheap car....miles are right.....or if you've got a good running rustbucket or collision-damaged one, it's a great donor.