A little bit of "Everything........Automotive"

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mightyriceburner.jpg (138909 bytes)  Pickup, delivery, and vehicle transportation is available.

  Bent your Benz?  I can fix it CORRECTLY.  300e71901a.jpg (77837 bytes)  Before... 251800e.jpg (76291 bytes)  And one week later....  93190edone1.jpg (145139 bytes)

218077a.jpg (69428 bytes)  Bumped your Beemer?  Click on the pic.  Four days apart.

  There's only one FordZuki....The Samurai From Hell.  It was born here.

240dtire12.jpg (94849 bytes)  Mercedes-Benz alloy wheel restoration/refinishing.

Duh.jpg (61609 bytes)  Engine fires are no fun on nice iron.  Motors that stick through the hood aren't practical.  PIC00013a.jpg (139929 bytes)  We can fix both!

7-25bc.jpg (90227 bytes)  A mailbox post through the grille, and the mailbox through the windshield hurts.  190rf.jpg (108502 bytes)  I can heal it.

Wayne615.jpg (134834 bytes)  If you find that old gas pump you always wanted in a field, we can make that pretty, too.  This is a 1920's era 10 gallon Wayne Model 615.  It's now in a customer's rec. room.

2002nmra-columbus078.jpg (65470 bytes)  Fab work and paint  on utterly insane "street" (heh) iron?  Sure...

  Flames?  You say it needs flames?  Ok.....

 "Mkzilla".  All the comfort you'd ever need and 15# of boost.  Get the women and children offa' the streets.......  Built here.  Last seen terrorizing unsuspecting victims on the West Coast.  Gorgeous paint.

  Chop the top?  No problem.

  So, you want an IRS in your rod? That's do-able, too.

  'Vette repair?  Yep.

lscwht08.jpg (70240 bytes)  Simple stuff too.  Didn't notice that deer in the road?  lscwht22.jpg (76439 bytes)  No problem!

  "Tinwork"  you say?  Bring it on.

  Hand-hammered aluminum dragster bodies.  Done the old-fashioned way.  Tom Hanna hisself walked me through this one via phone and email.

  Oh, my Gawd....it's finally "painted".....will it ever be "finished"?.

dennysgarage.jpg (76652 bytes)  Of course, I've got a few old Mercedes-Benz "keepers".

max.jpg (71309 bytes)  While in our care, your vehicle will be protected by our state of the art Interactive Security System.