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Please email or call for current vehicle price and stage of completion.  Because of the nature of my shop operation, "rebuildable" vehicles normally are a "work in progress", used to fill in between customer jobs.

I can assist you in arranging surprisingly economical "door to door" shipping

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  '83 300TD, OM617 turbodiesel/automatic, 259K, runs extremely well, but will NOT start well below 30 degrees unless it's plugged in.  It hates winter like I do.  Sooo.....I plug it in.  It keeps my nice iron offa' the road and outta' the salt.  NICE running, driving car.  (I'm actually driving the car it's in everyday as a "parts chaser"/beater).  Doesn't use any oil....doesn't use a lot of fuel....26 mpg at 75 mph.  I know.  I ran a whole tankfull out on the expressway.  Buy it and drive it home absolutely ANYWHERE.  Your basic ugly old 300TD wagon....but the chassis is 100%-good tires, brakes, completely rebuilt front suspension, but cosmetically it's a toad.  I bought it as parts....but haven't "knocked it in the head" just yet.  Power windows all work, climate control's fubar (heat works GREAT, but A/C's gone south), some interior trim's been scavenged.  No "serious" rust's just cosmetically TACKY.  It's a helluva' lotta' W123 parts or a great beater for $1500

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'82 300SD, 226K, Absolutely rust-free Texas body (faded original-appearing paint), 100% complete, good chassis, brakes, and rubber, 5 alloys, many updates, semi-tacky interior, nice wood, dead OM617 turbodiesel (read "dead" like NOT repairable....broken timing chain and resultant MAJOR engine damage).  Parts or project.  $800


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